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    Dear Domaine La Bouïssiere

    As you see below we visited you almost 3½ years ago. We had at very good tasting together with you and we have kept your lovely wines in our wine cellar since then.

    Today my wife prepared a very delicious dinner with tenderloin (tournedos), baked potatoes, rosemary and fermented black garlic and baked beets with pesto.

    She served the wine blind and I was very confused. The wine showed a lot of acidity, tannins and nice fruit in the middle of the mouth. The wine was slightly cool so it was very difficult to guess what was in the glass. Ok, obviously it was a wine from Southern Rhône. In the nose it showed so much matureness, fruitiness and complexity that I guessed that this was a CdP. Ok, I was not quite right. When tasting this (slightly cold) wine it was a bit acidic, metallic and with a lot of fine, mature and dry tannins. The fruit was in the background so to say.

    After a lot of (wrong  ) guessing my wife showed me the bottle. Hey, was I impressed!!! Yes I was. This Vacqueyras had a way higher level than we are normally used to from Vacqueyras. The quality level is very high, and I was surprised to discover that this wine needed + 30 minutes before it all “melted together”. After approx. 30 minutes the fruit, acidity and tannins was in complete harmony. Ok, the tannins are still easy to detect and taste and this is for sure not a “beginners wine”.

    Now the wine show a lot of complex dark fruit, tannins, acidity, oven-baked garlic, thyme, rosemary, a slightly burned character and a long, fruity aftertaste. Wow. Was I impressed! Yes, I was so impressed that I felt that I needed to send you this email. Please remember that this was “only” a Vacqueyras and it was not even expensive.

    Both my wife and I was so impressed with this wine that we can´t wait to visit you again. Hopefully this Covid-19-thing will soon be reduced/over so that we can travel safely and freely in Europe. When going to Southern Rhône we will for sure visit you again. Hopefully you will welcome us in the same nice way as you did 3½ years ago.

    Dear all at Dom. La Bouïssiere: Thank you for making such nice, exciting and well-tasting wine. We are looking so much forward to seeing you again. Applaus from Fam. Andersen in Denmark .

    Kind regards

    Charlotte and Karsten Andersen

    Bonjour Mesdames, bonjour Messieurs,

    Il y a environ 20 ans, nous vous avons rendu visite à Gigondas et avons acheté du vin chez vous. Puis samedi dernier – lors d’une petite fête, nous avons bu la dernière bouteille
    de « Gigondas Magnum 1997 » dans un  cercle familial.
    Nous ne savions pas si le vin serait encore buvable après si longtemps.
    Nous avons été ravis de voir que le vin était non seulement bon mais aussi même excellent – malgré cette longue période.
    Nous sommes heureux et nous avons le plaisir de pouvoir vous en informer.
    Bonnes salutations de la Bavière.

    B et H W.
    De 83024 Rosenheim