Résultat de la WFW issue 68 (Juin 2020)

On behalf of The World of Fine Wine, we are delighted to inform you that your wine, Domaine de la Bouïssière Gigondas France 2017 has been evaluated in one of our blind panel tastings by Simon Field MW, Andrew Jefford, and David Williams and has scored among the top 10 wines in its tasting. Below are the results for your wine :

Domaine de la Bouïssière Gigondas France 2017

Average Score: 93

First taster: Simon Field MW

Note: Garrigue, blackcurrant, and a whack of alcohol, yet still a sense of place, probably from the higher Gigondas vineyards, on the limestone escarpment facing up the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Mistral underwriting a survival instinct that translates into warm, ripe, and somewhat foreboding power: licorice and aniseed, hedgerow and woodsmoke. Imperious youth will out.

Score: 93

Second taster: Andrew Jefford

Note: Dark but not opaque black-red in color. Gentle, quiet, haunting, fresh; very complex though understated scents of pine, wild thyme, dry grasses, warm stone; compelling and very hard not to keep returning to the glass here. True fine-wine aromatics. Concentrated, shapely, deep, complex, and secondary already, with lots of wild-plant freshness, singing acidity, and ample tannins. An outstanding, fine-grained Grenache wine in which the altitude of Gigondas presumably plays a role.

Score: 92

Third taster: David Williams

Note: Complex, deep, and inviting nose of wild herb, hints of savory-meatiness and macerated red and black fruit; the palate is deep, resonant, rosemary-flecked, and textured; meaty, but with a long, tapering, targeted finish and herbal freshness. A long life ahead, but wildly enjoyable and warming now.

Score: 93

We really enjoyed tasting your wine and have published our results in our quarterly review, which has subscribers in more than 30 countries around the world. We thank you for your support and hope that these tasting notes will be useful to you. We look forward to working with you and your wines in the near future.

You are most welcome to publish the results (of any or all three of the tasters) in your own marketing materials and to share them with your agent.  We would be happy to support you on social media if you wish to share this on twitter or facebook. [@worldoffinewine or facebook.com/worldoffinewine]

Many thanks and again our warmest congratulations!

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